Hi there, and welcome to Stockify! I’m Sam Firestone, Founder of Stockify.digital.

I am not a photographer, but I have owned my own digital agency for some time. Our core services are web design + development, digital marketing & strategy.

This whole image library concept started when we did our yearly financials 2 years ago. I was reviewing our outgoings and – pause + deep breath – I had spent well over 10K on stock imagery + video that required a ton of modification to them in order to look cohesive for my client’s websites, blogs + socials. And let’s be honest, some of it was great, but none of it hit the mark 100% completely.

The majority of our clients are SME’s and they just don’t have the budget for amazing bespoke photoshoots for their brands, especially if they are not a product based business. Imagery is everything when it comes to a good website and digital branding – so we had to improvise.

Images make or break the user experience, we all know that, but it was always the first thing to get ripped out of client budgets. We really believe that people actually judge you and your brand (rightly or wrongly) based on the way your web + digital marketing looks. It’s their first impression and can completely set people’s expectations.

My company had subscriptions to; shutterstock, istockphoto, adobe stock and all of the usual suspects. My favourite being Stocksy United (their story is really great too). I grabbed imagery from the free sites such as pexels, unsplash and the rest. Oh, and by the way, I still use them when necessary & I own a stock photography library!

I came across a few cool women who were doing subscription based “styled stock” – and this planted the seed for me. I subscribed to their libraries and I got incredible VALUE + time savings. Great concept. However, their imagery + style did not suit the wide variety of clients I was working with, and so that was only good for a select few – plus their usage rules required us to have a new subscription per client.

I decided that I was going to have my very talented photographer + stylist friends do some generic shoots for me - so that I could use them for my own clients, and also use them for my website mock ups whilst in development (and proposals).  My aesthetic & visual style is a bit on the minimal side and I love utilising negative space and natural elements. Think Cereal Magazine meets Kinfolk and classic black + white.

The images from the first shoot were amazing and my clients were stoked to have access to them.  This is when I decided I needed to make my own subscription based library, not just for my own clients but also for the multitude of businesses out there struggling to establish a quality digital presence.


I know I have a good eye and I truly understand what designers & marketers actually need. I know that all businesses & brands need quality imagery more than ever. My vision was to provide complimentary images for lots of different brands and applications – hopefully adding a great asset base for designers, markers and businesses to pull from when needed.

The deeper I delved, the more it became apparent that I needed imagery for a huge variety of business segments to achieve my goals. I needed imagery for: Professional services (lawyers + accountants), Health + Fitness, Education, Retail, Hospitality, Foodies, Mummy Bloggers – the list goes on. It’s a can of worms, really! I mean where do you stop? Initially I thought it would take 6 months to compile the imagery & build of the website - it took more than 18.


That is how Stockify started – and it is something I am really passionate about and I am really loving the development of it. We are launching this membership site with thousands of images that are very intentional and shot to specific briefs. Every week, we will have our teams of art directors, stylists, photographers and assistants shooting new content. Every week we will add to the library. And every week we hope to deliver imagery that inspires, feels connected and real to you.

Our shoots are thoughtfully designed so you can access imagery that is generic enough to be able to relate to your brand, but packed into a series that results in consistent imagery to create a compelling visual impact. It’s strong and specific content, without the hefty price tag of custom photo shoots a few times a year.

In launching Stockify I hope to solve the recurring problems I encountered, which mainly revolved around finding really great images which were large enough for Retina screens, and which had cohesive series of images, at an affordable price.

If you are a member, enjoy our images for $2 each. If you want to just try some out, single images are $10 for a really large size. You can also purchase credit packs that bring the price down to between $4 - $7 per image depending on how many credits you buy in bulk.

But hopefully you join and become a member. I am giving a $200 discount to the first 500 members so please email us for a promo code. 

I would really appreciate it if you would take the survey I am going to email to you so I can make sure this is the best user experience possible when we actually launch.

Please don’t forget to @mention or hashtag Stockify.digital so we can see your work on socials! Also, if you love the platform and think you would like to become part of our referral network, shoot me an email at sam@stockifydigital.com.au so I can send you the info on how you can make a nice commission for every referral you sent to us.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you find something that makes your content acquisition whole lot easier!