How To

Feeding Your Feeds

Searching (and searching, and searching, and searching) for the perfect images to use in your social feeds? Maybe you’re at the point where if you see another cringe-worthy stock image or “styled desk” flat lay you are going. to. die.

We get it. You want visuals that have consistency, authenticity and something that relates to your written content AND ties back to your brand (company, product and subject matter). 

Remember, our roots are as a digital agency (shamelessly plugging sites by sam), and we know first-hand the vortex of image hunting and the unimaginable hours of image retouching to get the right light, tone and relatability for our client feeds – only to need another image immediately (please make it stop!). 

So, to help you create quality content, here are our top 5 tips for creatively feeding your feeds:

1.     Use a scheduling app. Of course you are probably using one, but we mean, Properly Use all of the features it offers. We love Planoly for its drop-and-drag Unicorn magic, hashtag lists and IG stories scheduling features. Also, check out Schedugram and Grum. They are real timesavers and totally worth the subscription costs.

2.     Find an image bundle in Stockify that offers a connection to your subject.  Think location, values, tone, photo style, negative space or message. Hold these images to the side and intersperse them with your own user-generated content – remember, our imagery should be used to complement your content, not as the primary content, in your socials. Oh, and yay, you don’t need to credit us.

3.     Reuse images in creative ways. Zoom into images, clip, flip, filter and overlay, I say! Stretch your images so they tie into your content, ensuring the visuals make sense and become even more impactful. If you are not an Adobe Photoshop pro, use something that requires less of your bandwidth, like an in-browser image and content manipulation tool like Canva.

4.     Use Graphics. Stockify members have access to a heap of freebie graphics to choose from. But always make sure they are cohesive to your content message. Download and save them for those days when you just don’t have the time to find, modify or think about creating something mind-blowing yourself. Oh, and how thankful we are for the “national days” calendar!

5.     GIF’s & Videos rule. You want a video post to look good in your feed, but you are deterred by that weird thumbnail of you just about to open your mouth. We get it. And, better yet, we can offer you a solution. Make a cover pic for the video using the YouTube play icon in the middle of the image. We have free icons available for members to download in .png formats, meaning they are super easy to just layer on top of your image and text in Photoshop Mix (or whatever phone image editor you use). It’s all there, right in the palm of your hand.

We feel your pain that comes with the challenges of consistently delivering a quality feed. And we also know the amazing feeling you get when you are nailing your visuals. So Download and Enjoy. Members can access our images from $2 – yes, we are for real!